Borough of Upper Saddle River

Borough of Upper Saddle River | Reclaim Digital

The goal of this website was to allow residents and non-residents to quickly and easily access information from all the Upper Saddle River departments.  We wanted to create a site that would allow users to get what they needed at moment’s notice and alleviate the need to make a phone call or submit a request.  It was also a priority to keep residents notified of any news happening in the town.

We worked very closely with the Mayor, council and received feedback from residents in order to create a site that is easy to navigate and allows the user to gather information with just a few clicks.  Users can get a handle on all the goings on by glancing at the News and Events section.  They can also track the budget, council meeting minutes or sign their children up for sports.  The multi-dimensional dropdown menu allows users to quickly find the information they need.  To compliment that, all the most clicked on categories are located in the footer on each page and there is a search function that scours the site for what the user needs.