Myocarditis Foundation

Myocarditis Foundation | Reclaim Digital | New Jersey

Myocarditis is a disease that is not very well-known, but affects many people.  The idea was to create a website that was informative and could share the stories of some of the people who are dealing with this disease.  Stories are shared by way of a spotlight feature, individual pages and a video section.  We didn’t want users to be overwhelmed when they visited the site, so many hours were spent on the layout and user experience.  Users can sign up for the foundation’s newsletter as well as make donations right on the site.  Donations are tracked using donation tracking software that was configured to work on the backend.  As with any foundation, there are many moving parts and people involved.  We’ve trained those members on how to access the backend and edit/add content as they need.  Users can keep up-to-date on information regarding Myocarditis by simply navigating to the blog, which is updated regularly.  We are very proud to have been chosen to work on this website, by the board and we hope that it can help in raising more awareness.