NJ Web Design Company Sets The New Gold Standard for Garden State Businesses’ Digital Footprint

NJ Web Design Company Sets The New Gold Standard for Garden State Businesses' Digital Footprint

It’s 2019, and if your business doesn’t have a website, then you’re missing out on major business. Having a strong online presence with a website is vital to the success of your business.  Even if a potential client knows about your company, if they can’t get online from their phones to check your business hours or make an appointment, then statistics say 70% of browsing customers will move on to that has an online presence.

So, what are you waiting for?

Many business owners say that the reason they don’t have a site because they don’t know where to start, or they or they have spent hours attempting to put together a DIY site, trying to build their site, only to get so frustrated that they set it aside and forget about it altogether.

The truth is, while there are millions of ads convincing you of having an effortless, dynamic website in an hour or less, the reality of DIY websites is disappointing at best. Look at the major retailers and most successful businesses in your region, and you’ll no doubt be impressed by their digital footprint.  That amazing site isn’t the work of an amateur; it was done by a professional to ensure their company image is on-point with their brand.

NJ web designs from Reclaim Digital stand apart from pre-made themes and templates for many reasons.  Shouldn’t your business make a lasting impression, too?

Premade Website Templates & Themes Are Limiting

All this talk about having an eye-catching, client-attracting website has you thinking you’re up for the challenge. You’re an entrepreneur – you’re a do-it-yourselfer with boundless creativity. After all, there’s no need to pay someone to do something you can do for yourself.  Between YouTube videos, helpful blog posts, and your brilliant brain, you’ll have a show-stopping website in a matter of a few hours, right?

Well, maybe.

A pre-made website is full of brilliant photos and flashy graphics that you simply need to replace with your own. This option sounds pretty simple at face value. The bones of the site are already laid out for you, it should all just be a matter of “delete, drag and drop” and your new site will be amazing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

With so many options, DIYers get slowed down by the overwhelming and lose patience with this seemly simply process.

It’s not just the process that holds people up; it’s the time dedication. When there are hundreds of designs, each more exciting than the next, it’s easy to procrastinate a decision for weeks. So much for being done in a day. Whether your business is thriving or just getting started, this procrastination is eating away at your income potential. There’s no need to haggle with endless choices when Reclaim Digital can give you exactly what you need.

The second problem that DIYers encounter is a lack of understanding of the technical side of web development.  After you have the layout and photos done, you may realize that your pre-made template doesn’t include domain connection or server hosting.  And what if you have a different app for managing appointments or reservations?  You may find that the template you’ve put so much work into isn’t a great fit after all.  Not all templates allow for external app integrations.  Sadly, if it’s not a program that has partnered with the company of your website provider, you’re going to end up paying extra to integrate it or switch apps and start over with options that are compatible with your new website.

The learning curve in creating your dream site can take weeks - even months.  Beyond just the ascetics and basic layout, there are tasks like getting your contact forms to submit to the proper email, getting your links going to the right places, and resizing your images in a separate photo editor to fit the template properly.

You're a budding business owner with a full plate already; dedicating that level of time is costing you valuable time, and that’s costing you money. You should be focusing on building your business, not learning web design. Take back your time and sanity, hire the professional at Reclaim Digital.

Restaurant owner Jamie can relate: “I spent five months trying to get my website done, but every week I felt like I wanted to hurl my laptop out the nearest window. All that lost time cost me options for potential income.”

Drag and Drop to the Rescue! – right?

A drag-and-drop style site builder sounds like child’s play - effortlessly picking elements you love and putting them anywhere you want sounds simple enough, right? While this is an easier option than the back-end developer instruction, it has its issues.

With this option, it is possible to pull off building your site completely within an hour – if you don’t mind having potentially amateur results. This method of website building is based on standard templates created for industries such as restaurants, beauty salons, offices of law, landscaping, etc.  The setup is simple. Simply pick from a list, enter your business name, contact details, and list of service prices and the site builder plugs it all in for you.

Some drag-and-drop builders allow you to place elements where you want them, but you still have to work within the confines of the template. There’s no room for creativity outside of the template design. There may not be a template that fits your needs exactly, so you’ll have to settle for “close enough.”  This compromise means you’re offering less than you’d like to your customers, hurting your bottom line and stifling the individuality of your company.

If you started with a template that was “close enough,” what kind of impression are you giving to prospective clients?

Let’s not forget, not all apps will integrate with your site builder.  If your business uses Square at the registers, QuickBooks for bookkeeping, or Bookeo to make appointments, you’re stuck with paying extra to integrate them with your site or switch your whole system to a program that is compatible. There’s simply no need to cost yourself more money and add to your frustration when Reclaim Digital can create a site that fits your precise needs instantly.


Why Custom Web Design Is Ideal

Don’t like the sound of your options so far? There’s a third option that’s sure to be the perfect fit.  Let’s dive into the benefits of utilizing local professionals for a custom web design. Reclaim Digital in Bergen County reaches across the state line to offer businesses in NJ web design options that can rescue you from your DIY nightmare.

There’s a reason why over 20 local businesses outsourced their NJ web design work to Reclaim Digital, and here’s why:

Beat the Competition with a Steller First Impression

A custom website designer can create a user-friendly site with endless features that a free or cookie-cutter template can’t compete with.  The phenomenal team at New Jersey’s Reclaim Digital offer businesses in NJ web design that reflects create a digital home for your business as bold and exceptional as the services and products that you offer.

No pre-set color schemes here; every design is made to order.

Here are some fantastic examples of the work they’ve done for businesses here in NJ’s Bergen County and NY’s Rockland County.

Market Basket

 If you’re a foodie, check out the stunning website Market Basket. One glance, and you’ll be suddenly be dreaming of your next big dinner hosting. Reclaim Digital’s custom web design talents bring the store and its services to life on your screen. Mesmerized by the photo gallery of delectable treats, visitors will know exactly where, when and how to get to this store to indulge in their next culinary adventure.

Have you been over to Concierge Travel lately to book your next vacation?  If so, you know that their brand is full of vibrant photos and helpful destination information. One look and you’ll be eager to trade in your office for a hammock on the beach.  With an easy to navigate layout that’s packed with the perfect information, you can book your trip with ease.  Reclaim Digital created a site that will spark your need to travel while giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

Speaking of businesses with personality, Elevated Existence has such a great brand personality that a basic template website can’t express.

Even before you investigate the site, you know this brand has character. Bold, informative, fun, and well laid out– their website ensures appealing brand continuity throughout.

A simple drag and drop slideshow can't compare to the skills of the designers at Reclaim Digital.


We think like your target audience.

You who your clientele is and the unbelievable team knows how to draw them in. This team knows how to design your website and write content to attract your target audience, enticing them to stay and look around.  The average site visitor leaves after only 30 seconds.  Statistics show the longer they stay on your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.

That’s why Reclaim Digital has their own team of digital marketing experts & sales copywriters.  We combine our resources to ensure that your website creates a visual impact, user-friendly experience, and eloquent edge to capture your audience’s attention and subtly convert them into buyers.

Custom Navigation and Customer Service Add-ons

A do-it-yourself website can’t offer tips on how to ensure your site is user-friendly. If visitors to your site can’t easily navigate to the information instantly, it hinders their ability to use your product or service. A confusing site can imply low quality customer service from your company in general.  Also, a cluttered or sparse site can instantly give the wrong impression, spending potential buyers elsewhere.

There's a fine art to balancing straight-forward site navigation. Our team at Reclaim Digital can make sure your visitors find precisely what they're looking for with ease while introducing them to all of the add-ons and extra features your company could offer.

Take Back Your Time

We know that being a business owner means working long hours, often. You already have an endless to-do list; let Reclaim Digital help you check “make a stunning website" off your list.

Contact Reclaim Digital to set up a consult, and let them take it from there. They’ll create a site you can genuinely be proud of that exceeds all your expectations. As a bonus, you've freed up your time to go work on that what matters most to you.

You’ve worked hard to stand out from your competitors. Your business is second to none, right? Then let our team at Reclaim Digital show you why our business is second to none, too.  Let us put our passion to work for you!  We’ll make your website is extraordinary and conveys your passion for your business. Contact us today and let us put our expertise to work for you!






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