New Jersey Online Marketing Hacks

New Jersey Online Marketing Hacks

Whatever kind of business you run in New Jersey, online marketing is essential in getting word out about it. You need to gain visitors and attract clients with your marketing efforts to increase online sales.

If you want to know how to drive traffic to your website or are struggling to attract more visitors, the following marking hacks from online marketing company Reclaim Digital will help increase sales in no time. With these tips and tricks, you can improve user engagement, build your brand, convert visitors into leads, and get more email subscribers.

Use Social Media for New Jersey Online Marketing

Being on Facebook and Twitter is important. If you want to engage your audience, try to post when the users of each social platform are most active. You can use tools such as Hootsuite to schedule posts to publish at your preferred time to a wide range of social accounts. Other social media tools you can use to schedule posts include:

  • Buffer: A scheduling tool that allows you to build up a selection of relevant posts you want to share and schedule them for more suitable and appropriate times for your audience.
  • Sprout Social: An all-in-one social media posting tool that allows you to both schedule and post across platforms.
  • TweetDeck: Ideal for businesses whose only scheduling needs are for Twitter, TweetDeck allows you to organize tweets across multiple Twitter accounts.
  • SocialOomph: This tool lets you manage your Twitter accounts, including your tweets, tracking keywords, saving and reusing drafts, and more.
  • CoSchedule: Lets you organize your marketing, which may include coordinating your blog or social posts, as well as other marketing activities and client’s project. 

Take Advantage of SEO Tools

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools, you’ll be able to increase your search engine ranking on a low budget.

  • Google Suggest: Ideal for researching keyword and content ideas.
  • Ahrefs: An essential SEO tool for a wide range of functionality, including link profile data and content referral information.
  • Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool: Lets you search for and identify over-optimized anchor text links on external sites so that you can avoid Google penalties.
  • SEO Title Tag 3.0: Allows for optimizing your title tags in minutes.
  • Domain Hunter Plus: This free Chrome plugin crawls hundreds of links on a single page, enabling you to check for broken links without leaving your browser quickly.
  • Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool: Lets you mock up SERP snippets and URLs quickly and efficiently to enable you to see what your content looks like in the search results.
  • Rank Checker for Firefox: This free, open tool is a source add-on for Mozilla browser that lets you quickly check your rankings without the need to hand all your data over to a third party.

PPC Tools in Your New Jersey Online Marketing Campaign

As an online marketer, you need PPC tools to simplify your online campaigns. Here are some PPC tools you can’t do without:

  • Google Ads Editor: Ideal for large campaigns or multiple campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Keyword Planner: Google’s keyword planner can help identify a wide range of keywords and associated data for use in your content marketing, SEO, and Google Ads campaign.
  • Bing Ads Editor: This popular PPC platform is excellent for managing Bing Ads campaign.
  • Google Ads Scripts: Helps automate tasks that would otherwise require a lot of your time and attention.
  • Google Trends: A great source of information that lets you adjust campaigns to match campaigns with seasonal trends.
  • SEMrush: This suite of tools lets you search for detailed Keyword data by domain or keyword to see what competitors are up to.

Automate Your Content Marketing

Content marketing can be demanding. As such, you need tools that will allow you to simplify the process so that you can dedicate time to other essential aspects of your business.

  • Trello: Large or remote content teams working a shared editorial calendar will find this tool useful. It simplifies the editorial workflow process into boards.
  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator: This free tool is especially useful when you’re stuck for ideas on what to blog about.
  • After the Deadline: A free Chrome plugin that checks your grammar, spelling, and more before you hit the publish button.
  • Polar: Lets you add interactive elements like online polls to your content to make it more engaging.
  • SlideShare: Useful for marketers that do a lot of webinars or conference presentations, it lets you create slide decks and share them on SlideShare with your audience.
  • PlaceIt: Easily put screenshots of your product into stock imagery and customize images with your branding without the need for Photoshop skills.
  • Canva: Create beautiful visuals for social media posts and content projects in its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Piktochart: Create striking graphics, presentations, and more in minutes for free.
  • The Readability Test Tool: Lets you polish the style and tone of your content. It evaluates web pages according to the Flesch Kincaid Reading Scale.
  • Quora: Make your content more accessible while finding relevant quotes and answers to complex topics.
  • OmmWriter: Eliminate distractions while you’re blogging with the minimalist writing environment of this tool.
  • Evernote: Lets you save anything you find online to a personalized folder system and sync to all devices so you won’t have hundreds of bookmarks.
  • Google Analytics: Provides everything you need to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and your site’s performance.

Create Viral Content in Your Niche

Another approach to viral content is identifying website owners, content writers, and industry bloggers who are dominating your niche in New Jersey. Online marketing strategy can involve researching their best-performing articles and recreate it with a twist, bring a fresh perspective, new statistics, or design. That way, you will create more compelling content.

To find viral content in your niche, go to Buzzsumo and type in your keyword. Then check the results to discover the headlines that got the most social share and model your headline after one of those viral headlines. Try and create a better one than the original. You can use emotional triggers and a sense of urgency to inspire your readers to share links on social media.

Original viral content headline: 10 SEO Hacks for Online Marketing

Your Headline: 50 SEO Tools You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

Leverage the “Above-the-Fold” Area on Your Web Pages

When visitors visit your website, the area that’s visible in a browser window when the first page on your site loads is known as “above-the-fold.” According to a recent Google study, ads appearing above the fold had a 73% visibility while those below it had just 44%.

Content placed above the fold should be able to grab the readers’ attention immediately and provide useful information. However, ensure that you don’t go overboard or cram the space with ads as this could impact SEO negatively. Google has released algorithm updates to penalize websites that place too many advertisements above the fold.

Create a Google My Business Page

If you’re starting with local SEO in New Jersey, online marketing efforts should include tools like Google My Business (GMB). This free tool lets you manage how your business name appears on Google Search and Maps. It enables you to add your business name, location, and hours, which is a great way to boost your online visibility.

You will also be monitor and reply to customer reviews, and learn how people are searching for your business. Your GMB listing is important because when potential customers search for a product or service near them, they’re usually about to make a purchase.

Take Advantage of Guest Blogging

Besides writing in-depth articles on your blog and promoting them, creating guest blogs for relevant blogs of other people is essential for content marketing. Guest blogging helps build your audience and authority, and you can get links directed to your website – which is excellent for SEO.

Look for blogs that provide relevant content to your target audience. Then use tools like Buzzsumo to check out how many social shares each of the site’s recent blog posts generated.

Next, look through the blog’s archive of the older posts to see those that performed well. Improve on the existing idea and write a more in-depth blog post, then write outreach emails to connect with influencers who will promote your guest posts.

Use Multimedia Sources

Don’t just rely on blog posts and articles, use all marketing media to reach your target audience in New Jersey. Online marketing should include giving away valuable resources that can help your customers. Information can be in the form of webinars, ebooks and videos. Some media platform you can take advantage of include:

  • Mobile Marketing: The truth is, most of your potential customers have a mobile device, even though they don’t have a PC. As such, you need to create mobile-friendly content.
  • Videos and podcasts: Combining blog posts with videos and podcasts help reach a broad audience as videos have taken an essential spot in the online marketing sphere.

In Sum

To get genuine leads, you need to take a strategic approach to online marketing. Thanks to the Internet, the days of massive marketing budgets are over. Use these tips and tricks, and start planning your online marketing campaign. For whatever business you run in New Jersey, online marketing can be much simpler if you hire our team of experts at Reclaim Digital.

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