Exciting 2019 Trends in New Jersey Web Design

Exciting 2019 Trends in New Jersey Web Design

From color to shapes, stylistic choices to attitude, design trends take twists and turns every season. From fashion trends dictating the color and attitude of the season to interior designers influencing graphics patterns, designs morph like a flock of birds – when one veers one way, they all take an unspoken cue to veer together in perfect synchronization.  Though web designers and graphic artists may not have a formal runway of their own to showcase up and coming trends and tricks, the world of digital marketing is shifting subtly into 2019.  So, how do worldwide style trends affect us right here with our New Jersey web design? Let’s take a look at the trends to see just how much our own work is influenced.

  1. Minimalism is the New Black.

Now that we’ve all KonMari’d our homes and offices, we’re feeling the benefit of a minimalist environment.  The space feels lighter, our desks are cleaner, and our to-do lists are streamlined – hopefully.  Decluttering our physical environment has influenced designers to declutter our visual environments too.

The trend has translated itself into a website design that is clean and simple, letting the text or images have room to shine. By keeping the website design simple, readers can easily focus on the content. Your quality content won’t be competing with overly patterned backgrounds or too many colors. For 2019, you can expect to see lots more in the way of monochromatic, spacious web design trends.

Just check out the clean style of the Rejuviskin site:

Minimalist New Jersey web design example

This New Jersey web design gave us the feeling of shoving all the clutter off the desk and then setting one beautiful brochure right in the center of the bare space. It's a breath of fresh air, and inspires the perfect emotion for a rejuvenation clinic.

Leaving plenty of empty space gives your eyes a break and your brain a chance to process the information at an easier pace. Rather than a myriad of colors, shapes and general visual clutter, having white space creates a quietness in your brain and allows for better focus.

What's more about minimalist design is that it gives Garden State businesses two additional benefits:

First - faster load times. In a world in which search engines give preferential treatment to sites that load the quickest, this is a valuable commodity.

Second - easier readability for mobile devices. Sure, all of Reclaim Digital's New Jersey web design is automatically responsive and scalable for mobile viewing, but having a lot fewer design elements makes the process simpler and easier on the reader's eyes.

Whatever the reason, it seems that 2019 is all about making sure that your website is crisp, clean and clutter free.

2. Color of the Year: Living Coral

The best way to grab the eye is to pair minimalist design with a pop of color. Complimenting the minimalist layout with a pop of color can be tricky, though. There’s a fine line between just enough color to draw in the readers and letting your pop of color become too overpowering.

For 2019, the fashion industry has once again influenced the entire design world by giving us the Pantone Color of the Year: "living coral."

The color experts at Pantone call it:

"An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge"

Exciting 2019 Trends in New Jersey Web Design

What's more, 2019 color trends favor layered neutrals with a soft color accent. For example, you may pair a few shades of grey with a pop of soft yellow. The tones of grey add a hint of distinction throughout areas of the site without being overly obvious.  A pop of light yellow can be added to the site to draw your eye around the site. On its own, a pale yellow might not seem like a traditional choice for a “pop” of color, but against the grey, it certainly will grab your readers attention.

Whether your brand colors are subtle or in-your-face, the trend for 2019 is all about setting the right background and foreground balance between the colors of your site to really evoke emotion.

3. Going Organic - With Shapes

So long to the geometric trend of seasons past. When it comes to the shapes used within the website layout, more organic shapes are being used moving into 2019. Instead of sharp angles and complex geometric patterns, companies are using more fluid shapes. With marketing trends pushing companies to be more personal and quirky with their overall brand attitude, companies have recognized that by placing imperfect shapes within their site, it shows a lighter side to their professional persona and makes users feel more comfortable interacting with them.

Exciting 2019 Trends in New Jersey Web Design

In 2019, we’re throwing symmetry out the window! One of the latest trends is to make things asymmetrical on your pages.  No more photos in a grid pattern, not they get staggered much like subway tiles and can even vary in sizes throughout the stagger. The goal of this is to create visual interest and some playfulness to the layout of the page. Pretty little blog posts all in a row? Not anymore, now they’re mixed in with videos and photos to create a visual feast for your eyes.

For those who live in New Jersey, web design that incorporates organic shapes and asymmetrical visual fields would be a great way to jazz up your site for the new year. Give us a call at Reclaim Digital to talk options.

4. Brand Personality

Speaking of brand personality, have you noticed that more and more companies are turning their social media management over to quirky comedians? Who would have thought that Moon Pies and Blockbuster would make such a comeback by showing off a personality that we can't seem to resist these days?

The latest marketing polls reveal that customers like to know a company has a sense of humor. Users are starting to prefer quirky content to formal business-as-usual.

And it's starting to show up in more permanent locations than a daily tweet or funny Instagram post - such as in website design in general.

Exciting 2019 Trends in New Jersey Web Design

5. Automated Customer Service

When it comes to web design, 2019 is all about the user experience, and that includes customer service. That’s why many companies are including chat bots into their websites. When customer service isn’t available, a chat bot is there to help 24/7. Depending on your company’s needs and industry, the chat bot can do a variety of helpful tasks. If a customer needs help finding something on your site or booking an appointment, there’s a chat bot that can help. By offering a series of "Choose Your Own Adventure" style questions, chat bots can be a great way to guide an initial interaction with a user.

Are you looking to add a chat bot to your site?  The New Jersey web design wizards at Reclaim Digital can design the perfect bot for your company. Reclaim Digital is your place to go for a chat bot which takes customer service to the next level.O

6. Video Killed the Radio Star - And it Hasn't Stopped There

This trend speaks right to the heart of busy people… more videos. The addition of more videos to websites is changing the way visitors use websites. Not only can videos help convey a message better than a blog post at times, but it’s great for readers on the go. No need to carve out time to read the latest movie review or about the newest gadget, just find a video and listen. Video viewing allows visitors to have a more in-depth perspective on your service or products with screen simulations and animations that aren’t possible with plain text. Busy people have spoken, and they’re requesting more videos when they visit a site.

Stunning Styles for Businesses in New Jersey: Web Design to Win Over Your Customers

If you’re a business owner in New Jersey, web design experts at Reclaim Digital can help you break through the competition with a stunning website designed to attract new leads. With their skills, your content will engage and entertain your customers like never before.

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