Rutgers | NJ Poison Control Center

Rutgers | NJ Poison Control Center | Reclaim Digital

The Poison Control Center at Rutgers University came to us for complete frontend and backend website redesign.  They were looking for a website that was easy to access for both users of all levels - both technical and non-technical.  We integrated an announcement banner in the header, a chat and text function, so users can get the information they need immediately, which is very important when dealing with potential life and death situations relating to poison and recalls.  The overall design is clean and easy-to-use, yet modern and on-trend. There is also a custom ecommerce piece that allows users to add documents to their cart and check out, free-of-charge.  We've received a tremendous amount of very positive feedback from the staff and users, alike.  We were are very proud to have worked with such a great team and institution.