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Legal Bay | Reclaim Digital

The client was looking for a clean, easy to navigate site where prospective clients could find information and apply online.  They also needed a website that could be used as a tool for their sales force and management team.  This website allows users to gather the info they need to fill out an application online.  Where it really shines is behind-the-scenes, where it integrates to Legal Bay’s internal CMS and tracking software.  Once an application is filled out, a copy gets stored on Google Drive as well as the backend of the website.  It also gets entered into the company’s CMS so that it can be tracked by management and followed up on by a salesperson.  We’ve also integrated call-tracking and recording which ensures all conversions on the site are being followed up on and tracked properly.  This site is built both for the end-user, but also for the internal staff as a powerful sales tool.